When it comes to airports – is big really better?

And there is no better example than Reus and Barcelona, the two main airports that service Catalonia and L’Ampolla. If you fly into Reus then you won’t have 10 minutes walk from gate 199 (there are 6 gates!), you won’t have to queue for a half hour to get through passport control and picking up the car can take anything up to 5 minutes on a busy day!  Or hop on the bus to the transport hub of Salou. Yep – small can be beautiful…especially if you’re coming on holidays through Catalan Ways because L’Ampolla is just 40 minutes on the AP 7 in the direction of Castellon/Valencia.

But we feel guilty now. We have to admit Barcelona is not too far either, just an hour and forty minutes on the AP7 and we also have to admit as an airport it does have a few advantages. More shops, luxury goods, more cafes, more restaurants and more transport options. I guess its like the question how long is a piece of string?  

Answer: As long as you need it to be.

Small can be quick but big can be beautiful…

And there is always something you need to add!! We have to mention Valencia airport which combines big and small to make a medium sized plane station alias airport!!  Its just 2 hours from Catalan Ways on the AP7 heading towards Barcelona.



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